Build a positive relationship with your police department

Friday, August 3, 2012

Even if you didn’t have a chance to attend the Bedford Police Department’s first Bicycle Rodeo last weekend, we hope you’ve taken the time to build a positive relationship with your local PD. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, communities that have strong relationships with their police departments have safer communities. Whether, it’s through volunteering at the police department, community policing programs or police outreach – such as the Bicycle Rodeo – it’s important for local police departments and communities to work together.

In fact, the National Crime Prevention Council found that such partnerships have benefits for both officers and community members. Departments with strong community relationships tend to be more effective, find their jobs safer and easier and are treated with more respect. In turn, communities have more trust in the police department and have safer communities, most notably for children and seniors.

In fact, Sir Robert Peel – who established the Metropolitan Police Force for London and is credited with creating the concept of a modern police force – created a series of principles of policing that encouraged police to maintain a strong relationship with the public.

We think the Bicycle Rodeo is a great way to maintain that relationship. This free event provided safety tips for cyclists of all ages and allowed many in the community to meet their local police officers. Even better, this family-friendly event allowed children to get to know their local officers in a positive way and have some fun, to boot.

So, if you attended the Bicycle Rodeo, good. If you didn’t, mark your calendars for next year. Rumor has it the police department will be reaching out to the community again.

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