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Friday, September 7, 2012

What if you could help fund a great cause without writing a check?

That’s exactly what Chase Community Giving program allows you to do.

Bedford’s own Camp Allen is up for a share of $5 million of grant money and all you have to do to make sure the camp gets a share is vote for it by Sept. 19.

Camp Allen provides campers with special needs – such as cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome and more – the chance to relax, have fun and make friends.

The camp welcomes both adults and children with special needs. In addition to having an international staff, Camp Allen offers a 2:1 ratio for campers, or even 1:1 if campers so require.

Camp Allen also offers vocational training programs, help for young adults with disabilities transitioning from school to work and a program called Shoot for the Moon for teens at risk of dropping out of school.

Yes, Camp Allen is really making a difference for adults and children with disabilities.

Now, we can make a difference for them, and it won’t cost us a dime.

Camp Allen’s Executive Director Mary Constance talked about the need for a winterized cabin in last week’s article about the camp. As a resident of Bedford, you can help make it happen.

Go online to Facebook.com/ChaseCommunityGiving by Sept. 19 and cast your vote for Camp Allen. You’ll be doing a good thing.

And it will feel great.

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