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Friday, October 26, 2012

In our Nov. 2 edition, the last one before the Nov. 6 elections, we’re asking all of our readers who write letters to the editor to refrain from making negative comments against your candidate’s opponent. In fact, for this Nov. 2 edition, we will not print negative letters against any candidate; we will only print letters in support of candidates.


To keep it fair. Should a letter to the editor that makes charges against a candidate be published on Nov. 2, that candidate or his or her supporters would not have an opportunity to respond to the charges before the election.

While we welcome all letters to the editor and encourage all viewpoints, in this instance, we will not print any negative letters.

That said, we do encourage you to write in support of your preferred candidate. Also, in the interest of fairness, as long as the letter conforms to our guidelines, we will make every attempt to print every election-related letter we receive this week.

So remember, if you would like to get in a last word of support for one of the candidates, get your letter (400 words or fewer) to cabnews@cabinet.com by noon Monday, Oct. 29. Please put “Bedford Journal Letter to the Editor” in the subject line. Don’t forget to include your name, address and phone number.

While we believe that public discourse is one of the greatest things a newspaper brings to its community, we must also ask you, our readers, to submit only one letter to the editor for our Nov. 2 edition, in orders to ensure that all those who wish to express their viewpoints have a chance to be heard.

And don’t forget to vote on Nov. 6!

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