Veterans, join the American Legion

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

To the Editor:

As a veteran, it is important that we maintain our vigilance that the benefits due to us for our service are not compromised by political forces.

At the time of our service, commitments were made to veterans by the U.S. government to provide certain benefits as an enticement for serving our country in addition to our own personal feeling of patriotism to our country so that it may continue to be the best place of Earth in which to live.

The major organization protecting the rights and benefits of veterans is the American Legion. Being part of the legion not only strengthens the organization but allows you to maintain a fellowship with your brother/sister veterans.

The Bedford American Legion Post 54 meets monthly at the Bedford Library on the first Tuesday of the month at 19:30. We welcome you to join us in fellowship, keeping abreast of veteran’s issues, and participating in our activities as your schedule permits.

For more information about Post 54, contact Frank Diekmann, 1st Vice Commander, 472-4988 or by email at fad302@comcast.net.



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