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Friday, February 26, 2010


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BEDFORD – Two newcomers declared their candidacy for the one open School Board position.

Candidates Scott Earnshaw, of Juniper Drive, and Bill Foote, of Pheasant Run, are putting their best foot forward during the 2010 election to vie for the one three-year School Board seat.

Earnshaw is the chairman of the trustee of the Town Trust Funds, while Earnshaw is on the board of directors at the Educational Farm at Joppa Hill.

Although from two different backgrounds, both share one thing in common: a drive to decrease the School District budget.

The 2010-11 preliminary Bedford School District budget stands $2.21 million more than the 2009-10 budget at a total of $59.83 million. The tax impact would be an 81-cent, 5.7 percent increase on the school portion of property tax bills.

“I’m running because I think I would bring a deeper level of fiscal accountability than what we’ve been seeing,” Foote said. “I’d like to see us with a declining tax impact.”

Foote suggested going through the budget one more time to do some additional weeding and cutting.

Excess items in the current budget, he said, include part of Warrant Article II, which suggests adding sprinkler systems in the Peter Woodbury School, McKelvie Intermediate School and Memorial School.

“The School Board investigated (the sprinkler system) and came to the conclusion that they shouldn’t put sprinklers in,” Foote said.

But in the end, the School Board did pass the recommendation and added it into the proposed 2010-11 budget.

Earnshaw agrees that the budget could be trimmed. He said this would be his main focus, if elected.

“My primary goal (would be) to work closely with the district administration and the other members of the School Board to ensure that we are getting the highest quality for our tax dollars and to look for ways to reduce the budget,” he said.

Earnshaw is a 12-year resident of Bedford who spent seven years serving as one of the trustees of the Trust Funds. In this position, he worked with four funds held on behalf of the School District.

As a graduate of Columbia University Law School, Earnshaw currently is a solo practitioner attorney representing start-up businesses in the area. He was a founding member of the Faith Based Action Network of New Hampshire and has three children currently in the School District; one graduated last year.

Foote is a 17-year resident of Bedford. He received his MBA from Rivier College in 2003 and currently works as the vice president of Transupport Inc. in Merrimack.

Along with involvement in the Bedford Basketball League and Little League, Foote was last year’s Park and Recreation chairman and was part of the Riddle Brook Communication Committee.

When asked why residents should vote for them, both responded in one sentence.

“I will listen to all residents because you never know where that good idea is going to come from,” Earnshaw said.

“Give me a call, drop me an e-mail, send me a text,” Foote said. “I’m free to answer questions; I can talk knowledgeably about these issues.”

Election Day takes place at Bedford High School on March 9.

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