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Troop 414 honors new Eagle Scouts

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Boy Scout Troop held two Eagle Scout Court of Honors recently at Bedford Presbyterian Church. On May 11, the troop recognized Max Card Gagnon as its newest Eagle Scout. On May 19, the honors were bestowed on Nicholas R. England and Thomas Evans. About 60 people attended each ceremony in Fellowship Hall.

Max Card Gagnon’s Eagle project

For my Eagle Scout Project, I designed and installed permanent emergency exit signs on the four levels of the Currier Museum Art Center. I also put together two emergency kits containing medical and safety supplies in the event of an on-site emergency. Before I started work, I met with the Art Center Director, Bruce McColl, and Director of Facility Operations, Nelson Goddard, to walk through the building and review FEMA requirements for emergency signage and kits. When I proposed creating an original design for the logo, both Bruce and Nelson said that was a great idea.

“We are an Art Center, after all,” said Nelson.

I researched icon artists and developed two prototype logos for their review. Then, I started learning about cutting stencils and spray painting. After the final logo design was approved, I held a bake sale to raise funds for the project at Harvest Market in Bedford. I had good support from other Scouts and their families. The fundraiser was so successful, I was able to fund my project and give a donation to the Art Center Fund.

The first part of the project took two days to complete. The first day, all 37 background stencils and protective paper were placed and attached to the walls. The second day, 9 scouts sprayed both the background and logo stencil. It was a long day, with teams moving up and down the four floors, but the resulting work looked professional and has made the Art Center a safer place for everyone.

The next part of the project was to build the kits. With help from a fellow Scout, we went on a shopping trip to fill the emergency kits with all the required items from our list. We completed the project on Sept. 9, 2012. I became an Eagle Scout on Nov. 7, 2012.

Thank you to all the Scouts of Troop 414 who helped me with my project, Mr. Thomas for being my Eagle Scout adviser, the Currier Museum Art Center for sponsoring my project, Mr. Bruce McColl and Mr. Nelson Goddard for their guidance, Mrs. Linn Krikorian for her stenciling and painting advice, my family and friends, and all those who donated money to help fund my project.

– Max Card Gagnon, Eagle Scout

Nicholas R. England’s Eagle project

The road to the rank of Eagle was a long and tough journey. One of the main aspects of the road to Eagle includes the famous Eagle Scout Service Project. This is when a life-ranked Scout has to raise a certain amount of money through fundraising. The money raised will be used to purchase all of the supplies needed to work on your project.

Eagle projects can include building something like a ramp, bridge, and even signs for a business. Other projects can include something different like hosting an Art show, asked for donations within their community that can be given to the homeless, etc. So as you can see, there really isn’t any one specific theme for an Eagle Scout project.

For my fundraising, I decided to have two consecutive bake sales outside of Harvest Market. I had to get permission from Harvest Market before I could carry out my fundraisers. The managers were very generous in the sense of allowing me to keep all of my funds for me to use towards my project. Honestly, I was expecting to have to give up a portion of my funds to Harvest Market. This just shows you how much respect people in the community have for the Boy Scouts and even potential Eagle Scouts.

For my Project, I decided to build a sturdy footbridge and place it over a marshy/swampy region of a nature. This would allow hikers who enter and exit the trail to be able to gain access to the extended part of the trail that people originally did not have access to.

I needed approximately $350 to be able to purchase the supplies that were needed to complete the bridge. After both of my fundraisers were complete, I ended up raising over $500; which was plenty enough for me to be able to purchase all of my supplies and be able to feed my workers after each day of work.

My workers and I were able to retrieve the old bridge out of the stream. I noticed that the bridge had not yet rotted out and it was still rather sturdy for being washed away down the stream. There was no doubt in my mind that I could find a use of this old bridge. So, I decided to add the bridge right in front of where my new bridge was going to be placed.

Overall, the project turned out to be a success. Once my Eagle Scout Project was finally complete, I knew that my road to the Eagle Rank was almost in sight of completion. I want to thank the Troop for their assistance in this journey and my family and friends for all their support.

– Nicholas R. England, Eagle Scout

Thomas Evans’ Eagle Scout Project

When I was going through the Scouting process, a lot of challenges arose and it took time and perseverance to overcome them. I learned from each challenge and those lessons helped me figure out ways to overcome the future challenges. The largest challenge that I faced was to plan out my Eagle project. This took a while due to the fact that I was planning a landscaping project and needed to raise funds to finance the project as well as enlist the help of many people to get this done on time and under budget. This was no small feat because my troop already had a camp out planned on the same weekend that my project was scheduled. Luckily, I had many friends and family to help me complete my goal.  

My project was a Landscaping Improvement Project for Camp Allen in Bedford. It was a project completed by myself along with the assistance of fellow Scouts, friends and family members over a two-day period. Top soil, various shrubs and plants were used finished off with bark mulch for the two separate areas. I raised funds by having a Krispy Kreme donut sale at Stop and Shop in Bedford.

Once my goal of reaching Eagle Scout was completed, I had achieved something that only about 5 percent of Boy Scouts ever do. This felt really good to know that I was able to stick with it till the very end. Although there were times where I felt as if there was no way I would be able to finish this all on time. I managed to push through, persevere and embodied many of the attributes included in Baden-Powell’s vision.    

I am Thomas Evans and I am an Eagle Scout.

– Thomas Evans, Eagle Scout

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