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Bedford’s Bethany Covenant Church serves the community

Friday, December 20, 2013

In November, more than 70 people from Bethany Covenant Church served the community.

Many joined other volunteers serving with Food for Children (, an organization that provides food, clothing and prayer to Manchester’s poor. Nearly 400 families received food.

Every Saturday, Food for Children is serving the needs of others and many from Bethany do this weekly. One family that served with their two children, a boy, 11, and daughter, 9, shared that their children asked, “When can we go again, this Saturday?”

Many women from Bethany baked pies and made decorations for New Life Home for Women and Children (, an organization that supports struggling mothers and their children. The pies were for their Thanksgiving celebration.

Organizers said it was amazing to see the interaction with the women and children at New Life Home with the Bethany women as they baked, shared and cared for one another.

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