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Bedford Presbyterian Church welcomes new co-pastor

Friday, January 10, 2014

With abundant joy and thanksgiving, Bedford Presbyterian Church in has called its new co-pastor.

Following a yearlong Pastor Nominating Committee search, the committee presented their candidate, John Hardin Sawyer, from the Northminster Church in Macon, Ga. Sawyer arrived to preach in Bedford over a weekend in September. Following worship and the called congregational meeting, the congregation voted to call Reverend Sawyer and he accepted.

He is the 30th installed pastor in the church’s 264-year history. This is a historic moment for the church as it begins a new ministry with two installed co-pastors.

Sawyer was born in Nashville, Tenn., grew up in Georgia and graduated from Mercer University with a degree in music. He later attended Princeton Theological Seminary and received his master’s of divinity there in 2001. After serving as director of Christian education in a church in Charlotte, N.C., Sawyer was ordained as associate pastor of the Northminster Presbyterian Church in Macon, Ga., in 2004 and has continued to serve there for the past nine years.

So what would prompt Sawyer and his wife, Amy, to make the change from Georgia to New Hampshire? After coming to visit in July and meeting with Pastor Karen Hagy, Sawyer is truly excited to work in a partnership ministry as a co-pastor with her.

The couple feels called to be here and are excited for the future with this new church family. The PNC feels blessed to have found someone with such talent and abilities that resonates with its ministry. BPC is looking forward to launching this new model of shared ministry based on partnership and equality.

Come and meet the new co-pastor and experience worship at 4 Church Road, Bedford.

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