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Bedford Craftworkers’ Guild announces grant award

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Craftworkers’ Guild has awarded the Bedford Village Common Development Committee a $2,000 grant to sponsor the first in a series of birdhouses for the common that will depict historic buildings of Bedford.

This birdhouse will be one in a number of amenities planned for the Bedford Village Common.

It will depict the historic Oliver Kendall House (built in 1846), formerly the Bedford library, which now houses The Craftworkers’ Guild and is situated behind the current library, adjacent to the new Village Common.

The scale-model birdhouse will be designed and built by master craftsman Steve Saulten of Chester. During each of its historic uses, the Kendall House used a different side of the building as the front, which presented Saulten with a unique challenge in creating a depiction for the park.

Consequently, one side of the birdhouse will show the front of the current Kendall House/Craftworkers’ Guild building, which was also the front during the town library use since 1966.

The other will feature the front of the building as it appeared when Mrs. Frances E. Woodbury gave the library trustees the use of the building in 1910 and during its earlier years as the home of Bedford citizen and craftsman Oliver Kendall and his family.

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