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Bedford’s Ryan Bailey earns Eagle Scout rank

Friday, May 16, 2014


Eagle Scout

Bedford Boy Scout Troop 414 held an Eagle Scout recognition ceremony for Ryan Bailey on March 29. The event took place at Bedford Presbyterian Church, with an attendance of about 80 people. The Eagle Scout Oath was given by Scoutmaster Brad Schwoerer, the Eagle Scout Pledge by Joe Biedrzycki, and the Charge to the Eagle Scout by former Scoutmaster Wesley Reeks.

I started Scouts in the first grade as a Tiger Cub in Pack 5. I didn’t know many of the other kids at the time, but I soon became friends with all of them.

Mrs. Chessie and my mom were the den leaders, who met with us every week and helped my den and me all the way through Cub Scouts, and up to our Arrow of Light Ceremony, when we became Boy Scouts. From then on, I soon realized I had to do much more work in order to move up a rank. That’s when I set my sights on becoming an Eagle Scout.

When I first joined Troop 414, I enjoyed it. Of course, for the entire first year, all the new Scouts were referred to as “newbs,” which I didn’t mind. I just couldn’t wait until I was one of the older Scouts, and that time came much faster than I thought.

I will always have great memories of the campouts I went on, the merit badges, the people and especially summer camp at WA-TUT-CA. I have always enjoyed tenting by the water, and the A2 program where we participated in water sports, like water skiing, tubing and the water trampoline.

As I entered high school, I found it more difficult to attend as many outings and campouts as I would have liked. I have been on the Bedford High School crew team for six seasons and have participated in winter track and the Bedford High School Robotics Team during the off season.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the adult leaders and Scouts in Troop 414 who have mentored and encouraged me along the way. The experiences I have had and the skills I have learned on the Eagle Trail will remain with me throughout my life.

Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project

For my Eagle project, I built a pergola overlooking the mission garden at the Bedford Presbyterian Church. The pergola provides many benefits to the church community, as well as the town of Bedford. It was designed to be used for prayer and meditation, rest and reflection for garden workers, the elderly to view the garden, weddings and funerals. 

Before the project could be started, I had to get approval from many different organizations and agencies. I met with the Bedford Historical Society to present my proposal and obtain permission to build my project in the Historic District of Bedford.

I also attended a Building and Grounds Committee meeting at the Bedford Presbyterian Church to discuss my proposal.

Once all these proposals were granted and a building permit was issued, I began construction on Aug. 20, 2012.

The four support posts were put into the ground, along with a compacted surface for a fellow Scout, Josh Reeks, to build his Eagle Scout project. His project was a patio that would be under the pergola.

This took place in fall 2012. Once he had completed his portion, the roof of the pergola was constructed in late October. The final completion day was on Nov. 17, 2012.

I would like to thank all of the Scouts in Troop 414 who helped me with my fundraising effort and who assisted in the building of the pergola. I would also like to thank Mr. Charles Desmarais from the PJ Currier Lumber Co. In addition, I would like to recognize Mr. Ed Ranger, Mr. Ken Folsom, Mr. Mike Therrien, Mr. Wesley Reeks, Mr. Bob Callahan and Mrs. Su Robinson for donating their time and expertise.

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