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A new home means a new community, too

Friday, July 25, 2014


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Whenever someone is looking to relocate or move to another town, there can be a level of stress associated with that move. A need to learn about the community and get to know people is strong, but not always easy to accomplish. As humans, our social skills draw us into a desire to fit in and be part of the community we call home.

Here in the town of Bedford we are very fortunate to have the Bedford Women’s Club. Through this organization, women of all ages and backgrounds are welcomed. The opportunity to meet numerous people is a goal of the organization. Sharing ideas and hobbies, getting together for meetings and community service projects, or just going to lunch or playing bridge with a small group opens up doors to getting to know other women in the community.

As a local realtor it is always a pleasure to talk to newcomers about our Bedford Women’s Club. Showing buyers the community and talking to them about the many great things Bedford has to offer is only a small part of what I do as a professional real estate broker.

Houses are just properties until a buyer closes on it and begins to call that house their home.

Home is also more than just the house in which we reside. It is the community that embraces us and the area we look to for comfort and a sense of belonging.

New friendships

I know this from a personal point of view as my husband and I moved to New Hampshire in the summer of 2003, eleven years ago. The house we purchased was nice and the town was beautiful.

We introduced ourselves to the neighbors and began to call Bedford our new home. But it was not until I joined the Bedford Women’s Club that September that I met people that became my new friends.

Together we worked on community projects and charitable fundraisers and events. We worked and laughed and dined and partied together.

Friendship and fun (and sometimes food, too) became the theme of many of our times together.

Many of the women from this Club are my closest and dearest friends today.

I cannot say enough about all the wonderful work and projects the BWC does for the community and for the members in the club. If you are new to Bedford or have lived here for a while and now are looking to expand your social network and get to meet new people and get involved in the community, I strongly suggest you consider joining the BWC. New members are always welcomed.

Look us up online at

The Summer 2014 Coffee for new and prospective BWC members will be at 10 a.m. Aug. 6.

Prospective new members should contact Terry Chapman at 472-3642 or Chris Buffey at 935-7228.

The Membership co-chairwomen will send prospective members an invitation.

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