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Derryfield School spring honor roll

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Derryfield School in Manchester has announced that the following Bedford students were named to the honor roll for the spring term.


GRADE 12: Adrian Brooks, Bennett Doherty, Molly Fitzpatrick, Austin Hammer, Leah Holden, Margo Pierson, Brynn Polgrean.

GRADE 11: Francesca Barradale, Joshua Campbell, Alexandra Campbell-Diehl.

GRADE 10: Madeline Pierson.

GRADE 9: Krystyna Keller, Katherine Kittler, Alexander Labonte, Jacob Miron, Brooke Northrup, Gavin Shilling, Emma Wagner.


GRADE 12: Hannah Comeau, Hailey Moll.

GRADE 11: Kristiana Boucher, Emma Flynn, Griffin Lamp, Patrick McGinley, Timothy Philbin, Samuel Richmond, Peter Thompson, Zoey Guo.

GRADE 10: Brock Higley, Charlotte Leyden.


GRADE 12: Roger Larrivee.

GRADE 11: Isabella Arend, Alexandra Muskat, Brittany Northrup, Robert Rizos, Benjamin Taub.

GRADE 10: Emma Polgrean, Zachary Sherman.

GRADE 9: Stewart Arend, Corey McGinley, Samantha Muskat, Shaina Razvi.

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