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Friday, February 24, 2012

As we reported last week, the Bedford Police Department has launched four new divisions within its community policing unit to focus on seniors, residents, juveniles and businesses.

The idea, we reported, is to enhance the outreach police provide.

For instance, the Senior Citizen Community Policing Division will train seniors in ways to protect themselves from being manipulated, whether by fraudulent phone calls or from break-ins.

What a great idea.

There are some costs associated with parts of the new programs, but Lt. Michael Bernard told us that the Bedford Men’s Club has assisted the department in its effort to raise funds.

We like everything about this new initiative, even just the fact that someone cared enough to create it. That sends a strong message to the Bedford community: Your police department cares.

But it’s more than that: It’s one thing to care – all police departments care, to one degree or another – but it’s quite another to act. Bedford is acting.

Our favorite part of this is the Juvenile/Youth Division that will reach out to schools and day care centers with things like story time, holiday parties and even a bike rodeo. Kids are the key to long-term good will between a community and its police officers. If they learn to trust and like police officers at an early age, the odds are that the trust, respect and good will engendered then will carry over making life better for everyone.

So, kudos to the Bedford Police Department for its foresight.

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