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Friday, May 18, 2012


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Larry and Hilary Meyers discovered their oldest son, Seth, had a knack for storytelling at an early age.

“In the days leading up to the end of (grade) school, Hilary and I were worried about Seth finishing up his family history project,” Larry Meyers said. “We kept asking him, ‘Do you need to call Grandma or do you need any family pictures?’ ‘No, no’ he said.

“The end of school came, and Hilary was cleaning out Seth’s backpack and she found his family history project. He received an A+. The only problem with the project was, everything was made up.”

“He’s been writing and making up stories ever since,” Hilary Meyers said.

The Bedford native has performed on the popular TV series “Saturday Night Live” since 2004 and has appeared in movies such as “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist,” “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and ‘New Year’s Eve.”

Meyers also hosted the ESPYS awards show on ESPN in 2010 and 2011 and the 2011 White House Correspondents Association dinner.

He currently is the head writer of ”SNL” and hosts the news parody segment “Weekend Update.”

On Friday, June 1, Seth Meyers will perform at Bedford High School to benefit the Bedford Education Foundation. Tickets are already sold out and a waiting list is accumulating.

“My mom’s retiring this year, and we wanted to make it something special,” Seth Meyers said. “My dad came up with the idea. He talked to a few people. I think she likes the idea.”

“So far, we’ve raised about $40,000 and we plan to have a silent auction to raise even more,” Larry Meyers said.

It wasn’t that long ago that Seth Meyers worked for Pizza Bella in Bedford and performed sketch comedy routines at Manchester High School West.

“Seeing Adam Sandler and Sarah Silverman make it from New Hampshire showed me you could be from anywhere,” Meyers said. “Comedy was something that was really important in the family. We grew up watching Monty Python and ‘SNL.’ My dad was the jokester and my mom was a laugher.”

“Growing up in Pittsburgh, near the school, laughter was the playground currency,” Larry Meyers said. “My friends and I were always laughing.”

Larry Meyers works in sales and Hilary Meyers is retiring this year from teaching French at Mckelvie Intermediate School. Hilary Meyers started the French program 28 years ago and had Seth in her first class.

“I didn’t mind having my mom as a teacher,” Seth Meyers said. “It was really fun. I just wish I could have been a better French student.”

“Having Hilary in my life is like having Madonna for a wife,” Larry Meyers said. “Her French students know her as only one name, Madame, and whenever we go out at the golf course or around town, that’s how her former students address her: Hello, Madame.”

“My mother is from England, but went to a French boarding school,” Hilary Meyers said. “That’s how my interest in French began. We would always chime in and sing.”

After graduating from Northwestern University with a concentration in radio and film production, Seth Meyers and his brother, Josh, decided to move to Amsterdam to pursue improvisational comedy. Josh worked for the TV series “MadTV.”

“We always knew they were creative,” Larry Meyers said. “The two of them shared a room, and we would hear them late at night whispering and laughing.”

“They were always doing things like putting lampshades on their head and dressing up,” Hilary Meyers said. “They played off one another.”

As the two grew older, their interests in comedy and entertainment expanded. Both attended Bedford grade schools and Manchester West.

“I had a couple supportive English teachers who inspired me with my writing, such as Joe Sullivan,” Seth Meyers said.

After returning from Amsterdam, Seth Meyers was discovered by “SNL” while performing in Chicago, the mecca of improvisational comedy. “SNL” will finish its 37th season this weekend, and then Meyers will return home to Bedford to perform for a local audience in June.

“A lot of my friends are back with kids, and whenever I come home, we all like to hang out and play poker,” Seth Meyers said. “We also like to get our pizza on at Pizza Bella’s.”

Hilary and Larry Meyers will remain in Bedford after her retirement.

“We like it here,” Larry Meyers said. “Bedford was a great place to raise children. Absolutely. The boys would ride their bikes and visit Papa Gino’s, and we always felt like they were safe and secure.”

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