Expo, Pumpkin Festival are both worth attending

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Here are two upcoming events should be aware and we hope you will attend in droves:

• The annual Milford Great Pumpkin Festival, Oct. 5-7, right in downtown. It begins on Friday night and will feature fireworks.

• The annual Southern New Hampshire Expo on Thursday, Oct. 18, at the Hampshire Dome at Hampshire Hills Sports and Fitness Club. No fireworks, but great food, lots of entertainment, and this year, around 200 exhibitors.

Certainly you know what the Pumpkin Festival is all about but the Expo? Well, if you haven’t been, it’s possible you might think it’s just a bunch of business people getting together to do business in a group setting.

Not so.

This is a fun event that even people with no involvement in business – kids, for instance – will love, especially if they like to sample food. And who doesn’t like to sample food?

But there’s plenty of music and even a magician, so there’s no chance of not having a great time.

These are great community events that, besides being fun, do a lot of good in terms of introducing our town and local businesses to the community at large.

We hope you’ll find time to attend both. We’ll be there.

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