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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our newspapers have an online guide for voters, and we think that’s wonderful. It gives candidates for local, statewide and even national office (if they wish) a chance to tell us a great deal about themselves and their points of view.

If there is one problem with that, it is this:

Because candidates are writing for something that is online, they write a great deal. And why not? Isn’t Web space infinite? We don’t pretend to know, but that seems to be the working assumption.

But newspaper space is not, so we would ask you to do this so that we, too, can help you get your message out to people who might want to read fewer words or who might not go to the Web or do go to the Web but might miss your message:

When you post to that website (see below for details on how to do it), send us a shortened version of whatever it is you post, say 50 words for each question you answer.

We want to get everyone into either the Oct. 11 or Oct. 18 issue of The Cabinet, so your help would make that easier to do.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that we won’t try to get your information from the Web site. What it means, however, is that the editing (or cutting, to be more accurate) will be left to us and we might cut something you would prefer to leave in.

So help us to help you.

The information about how to do it is below.

For the Web

Candidates for state and county offices who want to be part of the online voter guide run by the Telegraph, Cabinet and Journal newspapers, it’s time to get to work.

The Voter Guide, part of the papers’ websites, uses a service called e-The-People that allows candidates to upload information about themselves and their positions. Those who did this for the primary and won in the primary have it already online.

Others must obtain a code that provides access to the site. To get your code, email David Brooks at dbrooks@nashuatelegraph.com, indicating your name, party and office sought, including district. Any questions? Call David 594-6531.

For The Cabinet

Once you have done that, edit your answers down to the 50 words each and email your response to mcleveland@cabinet.com. Any questions, call 673-3100, Ext. 301.

This is going to be an exciting election and you want your message out there.

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