Entitlements? Rightfully so

Thursday, October 4, 2012

One of the many things that has bothered us during this seemingly endless presidential campaign is the use of the word “entitlements” as a pejorative.

When candidates use that word, they are talking about Social Security and Medicare, primarily. The fact is that people who collect Social Security or who get their health care coverage under Medicare are, indeed, entitled to those things. For many years, they paid into the programs so why wouldn’t they be entitled to the benefits once they retire?

But the word “entitlement” is thrown around as if those on Social Security and Medicare are somehow freeloaders. That is not only unfortunate, it’s grossly unfair to people who worked hard to earn the benefits to which they are now, yes, entitled.

We understand that, as is the case with love and war, there is a concept that all’s fair in politics, but it seems wrong to use “entitled” senior citizens as a club to beat your opponent.

People who are collecting Social Security and using Medicare should be proud. They earned the right to these benefits by dint of hard work over many years.

We see nothing wrong with them collecting the fruits of their labor.

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