Winter storm warnings

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Milford town officials think they have found a way to let people know when they have to get their cars off the street during winter storms.

Here’s the problem, brought to the selectmen recently by Brendan Philbrick, who owns some downtown apartments: The town’s winter parking ban forbids overnight parking from mid-November to mid-April because, of course, if it snows, the cars get in the way of plows after a storm.

But last year, for instance, we had hardly any snow, yet people still had to find someplace else to park their cars or run the risk of having them towed. So the selectmen want to put in a warning light system to let people know that they have to move their vehicles off town streets.

“Last winter it was hard to justify” a five-month ban, Selectman Kathy Bauer said last week and she was right.

The idea would be to do away with the parking ban and to install the warning light system instead and also let people know through the town web site and the Nixle alert system that the Fire Department uses to send townspeople news of public safety issues.

But we like it that town officials have taken Philbrick’s concerns seriously while still keeping the concerns of the Department of Public Works in mind.

DPW workers are the ones, after all, who have to plow in the middle of the night, and if their ability to do so is blocked by vehicles that’s not good for anybody.

If you have any concerns about this, however, make sure the selectmen hear from you, too.

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