Help for Bridges

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bridges, the organization that helps victims of domestic violence, has started something called The Rosebush Fund to raise enough money to keep its Milford office open.

If you don’t know about Bridges, we hope it’s because you’ve never needed its help. It’s not a very public organization. It doesn’t hold bake sales or car washes, it doesn’t sponsor concerts or do anything of that sort to raise money.

Bridges is a bit circumspect because it deals with clients who desperately need help, so it has a tendency to fly below the radar. Therefore, it needs help from all of us so that it can continue to help our friends and neighbors.

Indeed, Bridges is this year the official charity of the Southern NH Expo that is being held today (Oct. 18) from 2-7:30 p.m. at the Hampshire Dome of the Hampshire Hills Sports and Fitness Center. That’s a very good thing.

The Rosebush Fund is named for Theresa Rosebush, who was a victim of violence. Two of her daughters attended a recent Rosebush Fund launching event in Amherst and gave strong support to the fund and to Bridges.

We hope you will too. Bridges has lost federal funding and that has endangered its Milford office, which serves people in some of our more rural communities. These are people who, if they are the victims of domestic violence, often don’t know where to turn, often have nowhere to go to escape and sometimes don’t have transportation from say Lyndeborough or Milford to Bridges’ Nashua office. That’s where Bridges Milford office can help. That’s where it does help. We believe that Bridges’ Milford office is absolutely necessary to the well-being of the community and we hope that readers will do what they can to keep it here. For more information, contact Bridges’ Development Office at 33 East Pearl St., Nashua, or call 889-0858.

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