Lack of concern speaks of character

Monday, October 1, 2012

To the Editor:

This morning I had the opportunity to see the character of some locals.

On my way to substitute teach at McKelvie, Sept. 26, I got a flat tire on the dirt section of Beals Road in Bedford. I pulled over, put my hazard lights on and began the not-so-easy process of changing my tire and putting on a spare.

About 15 people drove by me – me a young woman, wearing dress clothes, on the ground trying to lower my spare from the undercarriage of my mini van – but not one stopped or even cared to ask if I was okay.

It was a rough start to the day: Seeing a lack of concern from those passing me made me sad about the exhibited character of so many people.

The next time you see a young woman trying to fix a flat, you don’t have to stop and help her, but think about just asking if she’s okay.



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