Lyndeborough veterans’ memorials moved to temporary home

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

LYNDEBOROUGH – The memorials honoring veterans of World Wars I and II and Korea have been moved from the library lawn to a temporary space by the flagpole in front of the Town Hall in Lyndeborough Center.

Excavation has begun at the library for the long-planned addition, which necessitated their removal.

The Civil War-era naval Parrott gun was also moved to the center from its longtime position on the Village Common. It was discovered that the gun was being affected by road salt from plowing on Route 31.

A plan for final placement of the cannon and monuments is being prepared. A memorial honoring those who served in Vietnam and wars since is being planned, as is a memorial to all members of the Lafayette Artillery Company who served in all conflicts since the company’s founding in 1804.

The original idea to move the monuments to the Common was dropped because the town does not own most of the area, which is within the railroad right-of-way.

– Jessie Salisbury

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