War memorials committee formed

Thursday, January 14, 2010



LYNDEBOROUGH – Historian and researcher Scott Roper has volunteered to head a committee charged with deciding the placement of the town’s two war memorials, which were displaced by the library addition last fall.

The two stones are currently near the Town Hall in Lyndeborough Center, but have not been set. They honor veterans of World War I and World War II and Korea. Two other memorials are being discussed: a memorial for all those served in the country’s various wars since the Korean War and a memorial to all past members of the Lafayette Artillery Company.

The committee will also consider the final placement of the Civil War-era Parratt gun, which was placed on the Village Common in 1934, moved there by a vote of the town from Citizens’ Hall. Some Village residents have said they would like it to stay in the Village and that a vote of the town is required to move it elsewhere. That is being investigated. The iron cannon is currently near the flag pole in Lyndeborough Center, removed from the Common because of salt damage from Route 31 snow plowing.

Selectman Chairman Lorraine Strube said on Wednesday the board is looking for volunteers to serve on the committee. Anyone interested may call the town office.

Other groups that have expressed interest in the project include the Lafayette Artillery Company and the Heritage Commission.

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