Lyndeborough Common plans being finalized

Thursday, August 19, 2010

By Jessie Salisbury


LYNDEBOROUGH – Plans for making the South Lyndeborough Village Common into a veterans’ memorial park are nearing completion. A preliminary plan will be on display at Community Day on Saturday, Aug. 21.

A major part of the plan is the installation of walkways composed of memorial bricks. The sale of the bricks is part of the funding for the project. Bricks can be ordered on Community Day at $50 per brick.

The preliminary plan calls for a walkway from Forest Road, approximately across from Citizens’ Hall Road. The walk would circle the flagpole and end in a platform in front of the war memorials. Final placement of the World War I and World War II/ Korean monuments will provide space for a third monument for those who served in Vietnam. The Civil War-era cannon will be to one side.

Phase One of the project has been completed. The Common has been cleaned up, flowers planted, brush cut along the southern edge, and a stone waterway repaired. The two war memorials were temporarily placed on the common before Memorial Day after spending the winter near the Town Hall. Originally placed in front of the library, they had to be removed by the expansion of the library. The committee was named last spring to develop a permanent place for them.

Phase Two includes final placement of the monuments, the walkway, a fence along the waterway, benches under the trees and replanting a Christmas tree in the vicinity of the watering trough.

Sale of the bricks will also finance the future improvements.

Research has determined that the common as it currently is was first laid out by the Village Improvement Society in 1914. The Monuments Committee hopes to have the current project completed for a100th anniversary in 2014.

The committee has stated their goal is “to provide the village with a tasteful park to honor Lyndeborough’s residents who served their country” in a “peaceful and restful setting.”

The committee has also extended thanks to all of those who helped with phase one: Walter Riendeau and Chappell Tractor; Lyndeborough Electric LLC, Jeff Shinn, Kent Perry and the town highway crew; Donnie Sawin and the Lyndeborough Police Department; The Lafayette Artillery Company, and the following individuals: Rob and Daize Smith, Chris Martin, Roger Crosby, Bob Nields, Nadine Preftakes, Russell Haskell, Dan and Joseph Depont.

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