O’Brien’s bullying, improper behavior must stop

Thursday, July 19, 2012

On Sept. 11, voters of Mont Vernon and New Boston will have a choice – keep William O’Brien on the ballot for November’s election or decide that the bullying and improper behavior of the current speaker must stop.

There are so many examples of O’Brien showing disregard for rules and blatant abuse of the speaker’s position to quell the opinions of others and further his own agenda. Countless examples from both Democrats and fellow Republicans can be found through simple web searches (try “O’Brien” “NH” and “power”). These examples illustrate his unwillingness to hear the other side time and time again.

He has routinely prohibited discussion of committee deliberations on the House floor – even when it was fellow Republicans who wanted to deliberate (consider the “Sieg Heil” comment from Rep. Vaillancourt on May 15). And what about Tim Copeland (R-Stratham)? The first-term representative and former law enforcement officer was moved from an aisle seat to the middle of a section on the House floor, simply because he voted differently than O’Brien on some key bills (Right To Work, for example). Seems like a harmless move, but on the contrary is quite a vindictive one when you consider that Rep. Copeland has a disability which makes it very difficult for him to navigate the small House seats in Representatives Hall in Concord.

And most recently, 14-year House veteran Kathy Taylor – the lone Democrat on the House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee – was removed from that committee by O’Brien shortly after the Supreme Court ruled the Affordable Care Act (ACA) constitutional, and O’Brien gave no reason whatsoever for the removal. This committee oversees the implementation of the ACA in NH.

I find it unprofessional and insulting to think that this person represents our town and acts in this way. Leadership – regardless of where it takes place – calls for hearing the viewpoints of others and working together as a team towards a goal.

O’Brien’s leadership this biennium hasn’t been leadership at all – it simply has illustrated the need for a return to common sense in Concord.


Mont Vernon

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