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Lyndeborough’s Mike Beebe, a substance abuse counselor for 37 years, is retiring Jan. 1

Thursday, December 26, 2013

LYNDEBOROUGH – Mike Beebe from Lyndeborough is retiring Jan. 1 as an alcohol and drug abuse counselor after 37 years.

Beebe owned Temple Mt. Ski Area in Peterborough for 20 years and because several of his employees developed substance abuse disorders, he set up an Employee Assistance program in 1976. He then started doing pioneering work in substance abuse problems when he directed in 1977 an innovative adolescence treatment program that used outward bound type strategies. This effort evolved into New Hampshire’s first Student Assistance program at Conval School District in Peterborough in fall 1977.

In 1984, Beebe sold the ski area and started with two partners a comprehensive out-patient substance abuse treatment program, using a multi-disciplined team approach in Manchester. Beebe helped West High School in Manchester, Pembroke Academy, Hopkington High School and New Hampshire College in Hooksett implementing Student Assistance programs.

Beebe also helped launch the Granite State EAP, the NH Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counselors Association, National Council on Alcoholism-
NH, along with substance abuse awareness programs at Greater Manchester United Way and the Lions Clubs in New Hampshire. He has done numerous training programs, written several training manuals and many newspaper articles on various substance abuse issues. Since 1995, Beebe has had a private practice in Amherst.

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