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Metaphysical Musings: Observe, reflect and integrate

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Recently, I reconnected with an old friend who I had not seen in a little more than a decade.

As one would expect, it involved getting caught up to the events in each of our lives over the years and reminiscing over the past. The unexpected turn of events from this brief reconnection was held in a comment that we had not seen each other since cell phones became commonplace. How interesting to think about, yet, can so easily go ignored within the rapid pace in which we now live.

Upon further inspection of this comment and its overall meaning, I discovered some things about my view of life as it stands now in the current world.

Stepping back and looking at how we have evolved thus far as a whole, we can see that a great body of our knowledge has been derived from our connection to the Earth, the heavens and to one another.

Observation, reflection and integration are crucial for the processing of knowledge. In our current culture, we are absorbed by social media, smartphones and constantly updated on every event under the sun. Very little time is left for the observer to observe, for introspection on what is presented, and for the integration of this knowledge received.

Technology is needed, that is not in doubt. Admittedly, I too fall prey to the allure of Facebook and social media in general. I catch myself checking my phone for texts, emails and updating my status on a regular basis. I almost find it to be a compulsive need, as a way to stay connected to others and to what is happening in the world.

When I step back and really think about it, I am more disconnected now at least in part than I ever was. Before the advent of cellphones as commonplace and the likes of MySpace and Facebook, we actually had to talk to one another. Face to face. There is a distinct disconnect, and it’s taking place daily. We are still observers, but it seems we are slowing down on the reflecting and integrating side of things.

What is the solution? Does there even need to be a solution? Honestly, I don’t know. It really comes down to the individual’s decision to sit down and allow a moment of slowness in this fast-paced, need-to-know environment we have created. I personally have no intention of abandoning this new technology, my Facebook addiction or throwing out my iPhone. It’s all about finding balance and taking a moment each day to look at the sun, the moon and the stars to see a bigger picture.

To hold a door for a stranger entering or exiting a store, to make eye contact with a cashier or a stranger walking by without awkwardness. I’d like to make an effort to call instead of texting, to have small lunch dates with good friends instead of large groups of drunken faces. In essence, reclaim my humanity and my love and appreciation for those I come in contact with.

To observe, to reflect and to integrate the grace, that is daily life.

Ryan McEntee is the owner of Resonance Wellness and Fitness Center in Milford.

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