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Eagle Scout Project completed

Thursday, July 31, 2014

MONT VERNON – As a student at the Mont Vernon Village School, C. Logan Landrum spent many hours at an old picnic table with his friends designing intricate “waterworks” to control the flow of water from the playground to the street, trading Yu-gi-oh cards, and resting between games of four-square.

Since he graduated in 2006, some trees were removed from the playground, new equipment was installed, drainage was improved, and bark mulch was added, but the old picnic table, now cracked and split and sunken into the deep mulch, was still there. As an Eagle Scout candidate, Landrum was determined to build a new table on pavers that would not disappear under mulch in a few years. When the school staff asked him to build a pavilion over it to add shade, prevent weather damage, and avoid pine pitch from the towering trees above it, Landrum agreed.

Oh, and the pavilion had to be “really nice,” not look like a pup tent, and be able to withstand hurricane-force winds. With generous help from the Mont Vernon General Store, P. J. Currier Lumber, Siciliano Landscape, Home Depot, and others, Landrum and his friends and scouting buddies got to work. What was supposed to take four days turned into 11 as they met countless obstacles: a buried tree stump in the exact location of the very last foundation support took five hours to remove, the pavilion needed a railing and extra bracing to stabilize it, wasps immediately began making nests in the ceiling, so ceiling and soffit covers were added, the hand railings had sharp edges and needed sanding so kids wouldn’t get hurt – the list went on and on. The boys worked through the rain and into the night by car headlights when thunderstorms cut into their work time.

Children enrolled at the school visited the work site and have been thrilled that this special space was being built for them, their families, and the teachers to enjoy. Some comments included, “You built this for ME?” and “Why are you doing this?” One older student expressed her joy by doing a backflip off the old table.

Progress on the pavilion was documented on the Facebook page “MVVS Eagle Project.” On July 5, Landrum and the volunteers packed their tools and deemed the structure ready for play. A dedication ceremony will be held later this fall.

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