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Gilmour, a CEO with integrity

Monday, October 1, 2012

Peggy Gilmour is a nurse, as I am, and that’s how I know her. She was the president/ CEO of Home Health and Hospice Care, and she worked tirelessly to start our own local Community Hospice House in Merrimack. Peg was instrumental in bringing hospice services to southern New Hampshire. Peg expanded the state’s hospice program to Medicaid recipients in New Hampshire – a truly great improvement that positively affected the lives of so many of our neediest citizens.

We cannot always say this, but Peg was one CEO with integrity. She took the time to remember everyone’s name, regardless of their position in the agency. I believe that is a good way to judge a person – by how they treat those on all rungs of the ladder in the workplace.

I believe that Peggy Gilmour truly wants to make the world a better place, and that’s the spirit she has in every approach. Whether it’s helping the elderly or the needy in our community, Peg is known to always put others above herself – which happens to be a family trait, as her husband David is active with Meals on Wheels.

To be truthful, I wish I could vote for Peg for the state Senate, but I am out of her district. When she was in the Senate, she did a great job – and she is someone with the integrity, the intelligence, and the level-headedness to be in elected office.



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