Police contract is ‘fair and equitable’

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

To the Editor:

I would like to voice my support and commend the Milford AFSCME negotiating team and Milford Police officers who recently voted to accept the contract between AFSCME and the Town of Milford.

It has been a long road for both negotiating teams to come to this agreement which is fair and equitable to all involved while taking into account the best interest of the taxpayers of this community. Everyone worked very diligently and in good faith in order to find common ground and create a contract that was agreeable to the Board of Selectmen and the AFSCME members.

It should be noted that both negotiating teams have been engaged in this process since June of 2010, having held various negotiating sessions which were very time consuming for both sides. On Jan. 5 of this year we held another meeting. This meeting was very productive and we entered into a tentative agreement, which was later ratified by the Milford Board of Selectmen and the AFSCME members. Despite the lack of a contract since March of 2009 these officers never faltered in their duties to protect and serve the residents of Milford in a responsive and professional manner.

As your chief of police it is my sincere hope that the taxpayers of this community will now support your officers and accept the AFSCME contract that will be proposed in the upcoming Deliberative Session and voting. I believe this contract offers a fair and equitable balance for the town of Milford and the AFSCME members.


Chief of Police


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