Selectmen thanks town for support

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

To the Editor:

This was the last Deliberative Session of my post as selectman for the town. I want to thank the voters for having the confidence in me to have elected me. I am hopeful I served them well.

I am proud of all that was accomplished by the board during my term. While I will miss my walks around Town Hall on “fact finding missions” to make the most informed decisions as a representative of the citizens, I will say that I have learned a great deal about how efficient and how often taken for granted town government is. I would encourage any citizen to get involved and at least watch on PEG access or come to meetings, and perhaps venture to join a committee or commission. So many town employees and volunteers work so hard, and I am thankful they do so.

During significantly challenging times over these past several years we have weathered the storm that included greatly reduced revenues, extreme cutbacks in state and federal funds, survived a default budget year, and yet held the line on expenses while providing the services expected by the taxpayers.

As I look to the future I will say that Milford is on very good footing to maintain a great quality of life. The Capital Improvement Plan has been structured to line up and prioritize the most needed items under a plan spread out over multiple years in a way that it will have little to no impact to the taxpayer for the foreseeable future. The Brox Property sale has the potential of providing an average of $150,000 or better in my estimation over a good 10-year period and should allow for minimal tax impact, the potential of establishing capital accounts for future purchases, the potential of increasing low impact tax revenues, and in line with the CIP should allow for the opportunity to accomplish goals like Library expansion, again with modest increased contribution from taxpayers.

All of this though hinges on the approval of this year’s budget and warrant articles. It is a starting point and foundation for a well thought out plan and cooperative effort of so many departments and committees and commissions.

Not to be outshined, this town is also fortunate to have so many volunteers that give the community supporting volunteer workforce, from Fire and Ambulance call responders to so many committees and commissions, that we hold the line like no other municipality that I am aware of in this state.

If the voters forego the opportunities in front of them this year, the back up of needs will no doubt, as I see it, throw the plan off kilter, and we will be paying a compounded amount both in money and jeopardizing safety in the future.

We are so fortunate to have fought a tough battle to keep the Milford District Court open and potentially become a Milford-based Circuit Court. We have fought hard to fund the Osgood Pond restoration project, we have realized grants for several very needed projects, and continue to work diligently for all available federal and state dollars to help improve Milford. We again were fortunate that with the help of state Executive Councilor Wheeler we have the potential to solve what could have been an otherwise stricly tax-burdening expensive bridge replacement on Jennison Road. All of this was done by a huge amount of community commitment.

We have a thriving downtown, and look to have an equally thriving expanded commercial and industrial base in the outer corridors of our town if we do the right thing. We have everything to gain at this juncture, and so much to lose in my opinion if we do not stay the course of forward progress as recommended by the majority of the selectmen, the Budget Advisory Committee and the supportive volunteer committees, and commissions.

Thank you.



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