Vote Peterman for Souhegan School Board

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

To the Editor:

I have known Marilyn Peterman as a public servant to the town of Amherst for many years. Marilyn defines the term citizen activist, serving as a selectman, member of the Planning Board and finance committees, and as an active community volunteer. In her many roles, she monitors legislative matters in the state, ensuring that the town has vital information on bills that will affect Amherst residents. She is passionate and dedicated in her efforts to protect the best interests of residents and town employees.

Marilyn is seeking to join the Souhegan School Board. As a member, Marilyn would bring her skills and her passion to working for the students, parents, residents and staff. She brings a unique perspective to that role, as someone with deep knowledge of state budgets and the implication on our school community. As a mom, Marilyn understands the need for rigorous academic standards. She is a smart woman with highly defined skills of advocacy and oversight. As a retired Souhegan teacher and administrator, I believe that Marilyn Peterman would champion the best interests of our students, while maintaining a deep focus on the complex, often competing needs of our community.



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