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Complete Staff Directory

Managing Editor
Name Title   Phone
Bucknam, Sandy Cabinet Editor, Weekly Editor - Journals  
(603) 594-1240

Name Title   Phone
Cleveland, Kathy Milford, Amherst reporter  
(603) 673-3100 - Ext: 304
Savoie, Monique Weddings, engagements & obituraries  
(603) 594-1218

Name Title   Phone
Orfao, Jason Sports  
(603) 594-1253

Name Title   Phone
French, Jeanne Business Directory  
(603) 594-1213
Kouletsis, Martha Sales Department, Account Executive  
(603) 673-3875
Papoi, Danielle Advertising Sales Executive  
(603) 673-3100 - Ext. 305
Cell: (603) 400-2401
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