American dream slipping away

Friday, August 31, 2012

To the Editor:

It seems a week does not pass when another letter from a Democrat appears trying to get the public sidetracked into taking their eyes off the failures of the president and their party.

Last Friday, it was comments complaining about a Republican legislator for supporting a law consistent with New Hampshire’s 2nd Amendment. This individual right is written verbatim into our state constitution. Elected officials are expected to obey the constitution. They take an oath affirming this. This was hardly some earth-shattering event.

I am tired of seeing unemployment in our nation at well over 8 percent (11-15) percent if you count discouraged/underemployed workers) for the last 42 months. At the same time, Mr. Obama keeps finding ways to add millions of illegal aliens to our labor force. What an insult to our own citizens desperately trying to find employment.

This president is supposed to be a smart guy we are told, but will he ever explain how flooding the job market with more workers could possibly help our own unemployed or put upward pressure on the wages of those fortunate enough to still have jobs? Can he explain how having more people to support on government programs could possibly be a net-plus for our nation? Clearly this president is no advocate for the U.S. labor force.

Gasoline and heating oil prices keep rising, yet Obama cancelled a vital oil pipeline from Canada that would have helped boost supplies and put downward pressure on what we pay at the pump and added 20,000 high paying jobs. Instead China will now be enjoying that bargain priced oil adding to their own economic growth.

Quite frankly, we need a “red white and blue” energy plan that delivers cheaper gasoline and heating oil for working families not more “green energy” boondoggles. It should be clear to all this will never happen under Mr. Obama because he opposes fossil fuels. The Democratic National Committee is hoping you’ll forget a gallon of regular gasoline was $1.90 when they took over in 2009.

Let’s keep our eye on the ball. Our government is bankrupt, our economy is on life support and the American dream is slipping away. We need a new president.



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