Cilley will solve state’s fiscal problems

Friday, September 7, 2012

To the Editor:

We have three well-qualified Democratic candidates running for governor of New Hampshire.

I have decided to support Jackie Cilley because she is open to all options for dealing with our state revenue sources.

Secondly, she is opposed to any amendment weakening the Claremont Decision that requires the state to fund education for every student.

The New Hampshire tax advantage has not been such an advantage after all. Basic state programs suffer as a result.

Our infrastructure is deteriorating. Secondary education is so expensive many students go to college out of state. How can we have an educated workforce if the cost of college is out of reach for many families. Police, firemen and hospitals have endured extreme cuts. Our treasure of state parks is falling into disrepair.

A dependable rail service is vital to encouraging businesses to locate here. Other states are far ahead of us in rail transportation. Jackie Cilley will consider every option to solving our fiscal problems.

Concerning a weakening amendment to the Claremont decision, it would likely lead to higher local property taxes and put more responsibility on towns for funding public education. Jackie Cilley is opposed to such an amendment.

Jackie is articulate about her priorities and as governor will not hesitate to lead a discussion with the Legislature.

For more information, please view her website www.JackieCilley.com.

Vote for a dynamic, open-minded candidate for governor, Jackie Cilley, on Primary Day, Tuesday, Sept. 11.



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