Is newspaper partisan or non-partisan?

Friday, September 21, 2012

To the Editor:

In our Friday, Sept. 14, edition there was a great article posting the Hollis Brookline Primary Election results. As as a quick reminder for our readers:

Governor: Hollis – Republican: W, Lamontagne 559; Democrat: Cilley 138. Brookline – W, Lamontagne 237; Cilley 76.

Congress: Hollis – Republican: W, Bass 639; Democrat: W, Kuster 473. Brookline – W, Bass 347; W, Kuster 259.

I could go on and on and repeat your whole list, but here is my point. On Page 3, you devote almost a half a page to President Barack Obama’s rally at Strawbery Banke. That is fine. It is of great interest to all of us.(Strawbery Banke is not in our community.) But, as you can see by the tally about half of us voted Democrat and half of us voted Republican. A great many of us are undeclared voters who listen to both sides and then decide.

I opened my Hollis Brookline Journal ready to see the great report of the big event.

Imagine my disappointment. It was my first time to go to such an event. How about reporting what went on at Holman Stadium on the 7th of Sept. at 7 p.m.? That also is a historical place. It is in our own community. We had a record crowd.

Our own Congressmen Charlie Bass and our own Sen. Kelly Ayotte both spoke as well as Ann and Mitt Romney.

Where were you to take pictures of our very own New Hampshire people and we were very privileged to have Mr. and Mrs. Romney on our soil. It is rude for our hometown paper to ignore them. Just as it would be rude to ignore the president. Aren’t they important to our hometown paper?

According to our partisan paper you would think the event never took place. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am.


Undeclared Voter


EDITOR’S NOTE: The Journal did not cover the President Barack Obama event at Strawbery Banke, The photos and article that appeared in the Sept. 7 edition were submitted by a reader. However, in our efforts to be partisan, The Journal published photos of Mitt Romney from the Nashua event on Page 2 of today’s paper.

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