Search is still on for school superintendent

Friday, April 19, 2013

The SAU 41 Governing Board has decided to continue its superintendent search after interviewing two candidates: Richard Bergeron, Ed. D., superintendent of ConVal Regional School District SAU 1; and Maureen Ward Ed. D., superintendent of
Franklin/Hill SAU 18,
on April 9 in public session.

The candidates also spent the day visiting the schools.

The Governing Board – which serves Brookline, Hollis and Hollis Brookline Cooperative – said it appreciates the time the candidates gave to the SAU 41 search and wishes them the best in their searches.

The board waited until both candidates could be notified before announcing its decision.

The board is pursuing an interim superintendent for the 2013-14 school year, and has received a list of candidates from the New Hampshire School Board Association.

The search for an
interim superintendent for the 2013-14 school year began in January after the Governing Board and Superintendent Susan Hodgdon opted to not renew Hodgdon’s contract.

Hodgdon and the board have declined to comment on why this decision was made. She served in the SAU’s top spot for five years before resigning in January.

The board also said it appreciates the public input and is grateful to the administrators, staff and members of the Search Subcommittee for their time and efforts.

The Governing School Board’s decision was made in non-public session as required by state statute, and the board cannot comment on the reasons why the candidates were not chosen.

As superintendent searches are typically seasonal, the SAU 41 Governing School Board expects the next opportunity to resume the search will be in the fall.

The board will meet
on May 2 to decide on a process to consider them.

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