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Friday, January 25, 2013



When some people get bit by the travel bug, they get bit hard.

Robert Louis DeMayo, formerly of Hollis, took up writing at the age of 20, when he left his job as a bio-medical engineer to explore the world. Over the next 15 years he traveled to every corner of the globe spending almost eight years abroad and experiencing almost 100 countries. He started working for the travel section of The Telegraph, where his first assignment was to drive from New Hampshire to Panama writing feature articles along the way.  As DeMayo continued his travels, he has filled 30 private journals with notes.

“Writing was not just a way of documenting a place, but a way of understanding it,” he said.

What started off as a way of documenting his travels and experiences has turned into a writing career. As a direct result of his travel experiences, Demayo has published a novella, “The Cave Where the Water Also Drips,” which is the story of two Spaniards, brothers, who come to the Sedona area in 1605 looking for treasure. Demayo has also published “The Making of Theodore Roosevelt,” which is coming-of-age story about the former president’s experiences in northern Maine when he was 20.

His current project is a coming-of-age African ghost story called, “The Light Behind Blue Circles.” The story involves several travelers and the Maasai. It follows a young South African boy, Peter, on safari in Kenya with his father. The two befriend a Maasai warrior and accompany him on a journey to save a friend, who turns out to be a rhino.

Things don’t turn out as hoped and when Peter returns to South Africa he finds he is haunted by reoccurring nightmares about the incident. Ten years later, he hitchhikes to Kenya from South Africa to explain the nightmares; along the way he hooks up with several travelers who help him on the 3,000-mile journey. The closer he gets to Kenya, his dreams come true.

“As a younger man I traveled Africa, and the landscape and people I encountered have left a deep import on my imagination,” DeMayo said. “This story isn’t about me or my journey, but I wanted to revisit some of the locations I encountered and reflect a few of the mysterious tribal encounters that moved me.”

The cover of “The Light Behind Blue Circles” was created by Tom Fish, a former Walt Disney Feature Animation artist. During his 10 years at Disney, Fish worked on “The Lion King,” “Pocahontas,” “Mulan,” “Lio & Stitch,” and “Brother Bear.”

DeMayo lives in Sedona, N.M, with his wife, Diana, and three daughters, Tavis Lee, Saydrin Scout and Martika Louise.

“The Light Behind Blue Circles,” is published by Wayward Publishing, and can be purchased on and For more information, visit Demayo’s website at

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