Plenty of snow but no power outages

Friday, February 15, 2013



New Englanders expect winter to bring its fair share of storms, and that was the case last weekend as people prepared for a nor’easter and were hit by another surprise snowfall Monday.

Early last week, weathermen warned of two storms – one from the south and the other from the west coming together slamming the east coast.

People started reminiscing of the Blizzard of 1978, when a storm crippled the east coast, causing severe damage and death.

This time, New Hampshire was spared by the storm, with snowfall averaging 16-20 inches in Hollis and Brookline, but no major power

People stayed off the roads,
taking state and local officials’

Evan Russell, of Brookline, spent much of his morning Feb. 9 shoveling his driveway and walkways and clearing his roof of snow. He then spent time enjoying the snow.

“I went sledding at Roby Park for the night with a group of friends, and because of all the fresh powder, it was really fun,” he said.

Hollis resident Sam Ash had other plans.

“I watched Netflix in my bed and drank hot chocolate,” she said.

No matter if you spent your day shoveling, watching movies or playing in the snow piles, this storm brought New Hampshire into the winter mood. It’s not over yet, as February is known to have record storms.

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