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PINK rides again to fight cancer

Friday, January 4, 2013

HOLLIS – The Hollis Nor’Easters are set to hold their second annual snowmobile ride to benefit breast cancer research.

Two years ago, Sue Keough had an idea to encourage more women to ride in the town of Hollis. She put together a plan and organized an introductory trail ride for women in the area. Keough, the secretary for The Hollis Nor’Easters, enlisted the help of the club to groom and prepare for the ride. Many local women joined the ride – more than expected – and had a great time. Keough said the abundant interest by women could be put to good use in the future, and the “PINK RIDE” was born.

The PINK RIDE is a snowmobile ride to raise money for breast cancer research. Keough discovered that her club’s local hospital, St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua, had a breast care center and they were happy to help and pointed her in the right direction. From there, Keough did the rest with a little help from her friends. She put together an information sheet and a sponsor sheet. Her plan was to have her large following of female riders gather donations and sponsors, collect the donations, and give all proceeds to the hospital’s breast care center.

Little did Keough know that after all of her hard work and effort, that southern New Hampshire would have one of the worst snowfall total winters in history. In the days leading up to the PINK RIDE, there was literally no snow on the ground. The PINK RIDE seemed doomed.

A benefit solely planned around a snowmobile ride, with no snow to ride on. But the good in people always seems to shine through in times of difficulty. Keough put a twist on the ride name and decided to informally call it, “The little PINK RIDE that could.” She announced that the ride would now be a walk. The riders would instead walk the very route they were planning to ride, and much to her surprise, everyone joined her.

On the day of “The little PINK RIDE that could,” each participant showed up at the PINK RIDE starting point, and a check for more than $3,000 was handed to representatives from St. Joseph Hospital. The ride/walk went as planned and the PINK RIDE was cemented as a mainstay in Hollis Nor’Easter lore.

This season’s PINK RIDE will take place Saturday Feb. 9. The ride leaves from Silver Lake State Park in Hollis and will feature a ride through a brand new trail cut by the Hollis Nor’Easters this past off season called the Vista Trail.

There is a lot of interest from neighboring clubs and club members to participate this year. The Brookline Icebreakers, Merrimack Sno-Buds, and the Wilton Lyndeborough Winter Wanderers will join the cause and encourage their members to join, too. The riders will be welcomed back from the ride with a large winter cookout at the park. If you are not located in the area but are interested in donating to the PINK RIDE; you can do so through the Nor’Easters’ website, The link provides a Pay Pal, a secure way to donate directly to the cause. For more information contact Sue Keough, Hollis Nor’Easters, at or email to skeough@

– Submitted by Jon Lavoie, of the Hollis Nor’Easters

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