School Board seeks voters’ OK on roof, other repairs

Friday, February 24, 2012

To the Editor:

At the Brookline School District Meeting on March 7, the School Board will ask the voters of Brookline to approve the issuance of a bond of not more than $495,000. This bond will be used to pay for roof replacement and associated repairs at Captain Samuel Douglass Academy ($460,000) and partial roof replacement and associated repairs at Richard Maghakian Memorial School ($35,000).

At last year’s School District Meeting, in preparation for this project, voters approved a warrant article (article 4) that included $20,000 for an engineering study of CSDA to determine the extent of work needing to be completed.

The roof at CSDA, which has 15 year shingles, is in need of repair in part because of ventilation issues, which have caused the roof shingles to be baked from the inside of the building.

The roof, as well as the ventilation in the attic, needs to be repaired/replaced.

There is a portion of the roof that is in critical need, and there is a portion of the roof, while not in critical need, certainly needs to be repaired/replaced in the very near future.

The section of RMMS that needs the new roof was built in 1987 with 15 year shingles. There has been patching, but now the roof needs replacing.

It is the position of the School Board that with the low bond interest rates we should follow a financially prudent path and take on the whole project.

We would bond at approximately 3.498 percent for 10 years. We discussed bonding half the job now and half later, but that would incur extra costs (bonding costs as well as duplicated project costs for essentially two projects).

The interest rates now are extremely low and while we have no way of knowing what the future holds for interest rates, we can safely say they won’t be less.

The total cost of the bonding in this fiscal year will be $9,866.

These are the two schools that the Brookline School District owns and they are our investment, that like any other, need care and maintenance. While we have had some work done on these two roofs, now we are in need of a higher level of maintenance. It is maintenance that is unavoidable and must be done.

The entire School Board backs this warrant article and asks for your support.


ERNIE PISTOR, Vice Chairman




Brookline School Board

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