Voters support Hollis candidates

Friday, March 9, 2012

To the Editor:

Hollis is a town that exemplifies the definition of community. Recognizing that we must be prudent in our financial management, the undersigned are also committed to excellence in education and quality of life in our community.

For these reasons, after careful examination of candidates running for town offices, we endorse the following:

Co-op School Board – Tom Enright.

Coop Budget Committee – Write in: Stephen Schmaltz.

Hollis School Board – Bernie Mizula and Boris Golosarsky.

Hollis Budget Committee – Michael Harris and Tom Jambard.

Board of Selectmen – Dave Petry.

PETER BAKER on behalf of:

Al Burroughs, Ann Dogherty, Barbara Amos, Becky Balfour, Bernie Mizula, Bette Panagoulis, Bill Roberts, Bob Feder, Bob Liscio, Boris Golosarsky, Candice Stanton, Carol Doleac, Cathy Goldwater, Chris Getter, Chuck Benz, Claire Helfman, Cliff Conneighton, Cole Stanton, Chris Getter, David Helfman, David Gilmour, Debbie Tighe, Denise Chazin, Diane Leavitt, Edith Couchman, Ellen Conner, Ellen Groh, Erika Cross Macdonald, Farrah Coady, Francine Howe, Fred Doleac, Gene Sidore, Gerry Gartner, Hank Ciofrone, Jack Presley, James O’Shea, James Sqiures, Jane Goodman, Janet Listowich, Jean Filer, Jerry Amos, Joanne Emus, John Mcghee, John Wertz, Julie Simons, June Litwin, Kathleen Brown, Kathleen Morgan, Kathy Mcghee, Kevin Dogherty, Lee Hill, Linda Sidore, Lisa Getter, Lisa Schmalz, Liz Colantuonio, Lois Gilbert, Lori Bonnette, Lorraine Liscio, Lynn Post, Marie Salamone, Mark Post, Mary Mechling, Marsha Cone, Marsha Feder, Marygrace Digiacinto, Melinda Willis, Melissa Anderson, Michael Gold, Michael O’Neill, Michelle Gavin, Michael Tighe, Mike Leavitt, Molly Mizula, Nancy Struckman, Pat Harris, Patsy Roberts, Paul Salamone, Peggy Gilmour, Peter Baker, Randy Vancoughnett, Rosemary Clough, Scott Fisher, Steve Schmalz, Steve Simons, Susan Benz, Tammy Fareed, Teresa Gartner, Tim Bevins, Tina Langley, Tom Barringer, Tom Enright, Tom Harris, Tom Panagoulis, Tom Whalen, Venu Rao, Wendy Enright, Yelena Shulga and Yuri Yudin


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