Family donates Tarbell-owned Bible, circa 1887, to Lyndeborough library

Wednesday, May 9, 2012



LYNDEBOROUGH – Many years ago, in return for doing genealogical work for descendents of the Wellman family, Bob Rogers was given a large Bible once owned by Charles F. Tarbell, who lived in Lyndeborough from 1843 until his death in 1888. Rogers passed it along to the historical society.

The Wellmans were among the earliest settlers in Lyndeborough but have not lived in the area for many years.

Tarbell was a great-uncle of Joseph Tarbell, who donated the library to the town in 1911.

The Wellman family did not explain to Rogers how they got the Bible but said they believed it should be returned to Lyndeborough. The genealogies do not show any relationships between the two families.

Rogers has had the Bible in his care because the historical society did not have an appropriate place to keep it. Recently, he and other members of the historical society decided to present it to the library so it could be properly displayed.

The Bible is large and well-illustrated, with maps and classical pictures. The front cover is carved into a geometric design, with Tarbell’s name in the center. Unfortunately, it does not contain a family record. The book does not have a publication date but contains a Christmas bookmark with the date 1887, the year before Tarbell’s death.

Tarbell served in the Civil War, and when he returned, he worked with his father in the general store. He served as town clerk for many years and also held other offices.

Tarbell’s son, also Charles, served many years as the town clerk and was co-owner of what is now the Village Store. At the time of the library’s donation, he was serving as town clerk.

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