2nd Amendment still valid today

Friday, January 11, 2013

To the Editor:

After hearing and reading all the hype about the need for more gun control, I decided to check with the No. 1 crime statistics-gathering agency in the country to learn the unvarnished truth – the FBI.

According to FBI statistics for 2011, there were more than 10 million violent crimes committed in the United States. (Go to this link for details: http://www.fbi.gov/news/pressrel/press-releases/fbi-releases-preliminary-annual-crime-statistics-for-2011.)

Here is an excerpt: “According to the figures released today by the FBI, the estimated number of violent crimes in 2011 declined for the fifth consecutive year. Property crimes also decreased, marking the ninth straight year that the collective estimates for these offenses declined.”

During that same period, gun sales accelerated every year over the previous year nationally, while in states where tight gun control laws hinder the sale and ownership of firearms, violent crimes have risen precipitously.

For those of you who think the Second Amendment is irrelevant, think again.

The more guns in the hands of honest law-abiding citizens, the less crime.

The Second Amendment is as relevant today as it was the day it was drafted. And that’s not hype.



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