ARL-NH has feral cats for adoption

Several feral cats are ready for adoption at the Animal Rescue League of NH in Bedford. These cats have been spayed or neutered, have all their vaccinations, and most have been micro chipped and/or ear tipped. They also have tested negative for feline aids and leukemia.

Feral cats are outdoor cats and usually descendants of domestic cats. They can be effective hunters of small animals, especially unwanted barn mice. These cats are adaptable and resilient and will thrive in an outdoor structure such as barn, garage or workshop. Besides shelter, we ask adopters to provide one to two small bowls of food daily and water. Little to no human interaction is necessary for these furry felines to live a good life.

Maureen Prendergast, director of investigations and outreach at the ARL, was in charge of processing these animals. “When we have feral cats at the shelter, we need to find homes for them as soon as possible,” Prendergast said. “Generally, a feral cat’s stay here at the shelter can be a stressful one. We work to get them placed in barn homes as quickly as possible.”

To adopt a feral cat, call Prendergast at 471-0888.