Dionne signs on for 120 more days as town manager

The town council has announced Crystal Dionne will serve as the acting town manager for another 120 days.

Bedford Town Council Chairman Bill Dermody said the council will work with a hiring agency to find five to six applicants for the town manager position. Dionne said she will not apply for the position because she needs flexibility for her young children.

At a recent council meeting, Vice Chairman Chris Bandazian said the councilors should consider amending the requirement that town managers relocate to Bedford within six months to one year of employment with the town. Bandazian said he thought it was unrealistic to expect highly qualified candidates to be able to pay the financial penalty of moving to Bedford in six months, which might mean carrying two mortgages or uprooting a spouse and the loss of that income.

Dermondy said a discussion with the councilors about the possibility of amending the residency requirement may be in order for the future.