Animal Rescue League announces Volunteer of the Year for 2012

Kip Degen has been recognized as the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire’s Volunteer of the Year.

The award was created in 2004 to commemorate the 100th birthday of the organization. Degen received the award for 2012 for donating his time to the welfare of animals.

“Kip Degen is definitely one of the first to raise his hand for everything,” said Laurie Galletta, ARL’s director of volunteer services. “He is one of the most flexible volunteers, willing to do anything, regardless of how dirty the task may be. We are so happy to have him at the Animal Rescue League, and he unequivocally earned the recognition of Volunteer of the Year 2011.”

According to the ARL, the Volunteer of the Year must be someone who is dedicated to the mission of the shelter, the first to raise their hand when help is needed, willing to try new volunteer positions, able to get along with others, and among the volunteers who have accumulated the most hours in a given year.

Degen has volunteered for the past three years at the Animal Rescue League. He is often accompanied by his wife, Paula Degen, who was Volunteer of the Year for 2010.

The Animal Rescue League currently has 509 volunteers who are trained in more than 50 different vocations. For more information about the ARL’s volunteer program, contact Laurie Galletta at 472-7800 or