Will it be White Castle or Krispy Kreme?

I can’t believe all the new construction projects underway in Bedford. In case you don’t get out much, here’s my own tally of changes worth a mention.

? New Dunkin Donuts on Route 101 opened last month. It’s directly across from the town’s safety complex, but I will resist the temptation to wisecrack about police and pastry. Alas, this was a “zero-sum” change, as it resulted in the closing of Dunkin Donuts in the Harvest Market Plaza. For now, Bedford’s supply of coffee and mediocre donuts remains constant.

? Just this past week, the new New Hampshire State Liquor Store opened right next door to the new Dunkin Donuts, in the same area that holds the still fairly new Copper Door Restaurant, a Bellwether Credit Union branch and the Bedford Falls assisted living home.

So let’s see: donuts, dining, liquor, a bank and an old folks home. Talk about a combustible mix! Now that I think of it, I’m kinda glad the police station is just across the street.

? I’ve read about proposals to revamp the Harvest Market plaza (the one that lost the Dunkin Donuts), and a plan to add a lodge building to the Bedford Village Inn complex. All this will have to be done in conjunction with the planned-but-stalled widening of Route 101 from two to four lanes through the center of town.

Among the casualties of the widening will apparently be the loss of the huge old tree in front of the Bedford Village Inn that overhangs the current alignment of Route 101. What can be done?

Here’s my suggestion to inn owner Jack Carnevale: Transplant the big tree out back near the new lodge and increase the facility’s capacity by transforming it into a colonial-style treehouse.

Imagine the network remotes from the next presidential primary. “I’m Scott Pelley, reporting live with continuing coverage from a big tree in Bedford, NH.”

No charge for that great advice!

? In terms of how our town is zoned for commercial business: Am I the only person who finds it hilarious that the Gold Club, the only strip club in the region, is located in Bedford’s Special Performance Zone? Not that I know anything about what goes on in there.

? Plans are also afoot to do something with the dormant Sheraton Wayfarer property that sits along River Road between the rejuvenated Bedford Mall and the Jordan Marsh store. (Yes, I know it’s Macy’s, but I still call it Jordan Marsh. I still call it Vista Foods instead of Harvest Market, too.)

Let’s see: high traffic count, visibility from the highway, zoned commercial. I think that narrows down the possibilities to one of two things: either White Castle or Krispy Kreme.

? This isn’t related to development, but what happened to the annual Bedford Boomers Model Railroad Show? This event, held the first weekend of November at McKelvie School, has been a fun tradition, and was my personal signal that summer is truly and finally over.

A quick search online finds that last year’s show was the final one (after 30 years) due to declining membership. So in other words, the train has left the station. Darn! To signal the changing seasons, I’m now left with actually having to rake the lawn.

? For those keeping score, the very best road in town right now is Chubbuck Road, which leads from Wallace Road to the dump. (Excuse me – transfer station!) A portion of it was rebuilt this past summer, and it just received a finish coat of asphalt. With its freshly painted double yellow line, it makes for quite a grand entrance to the town du–er, transfer station.

And a nice addition to the transfer station experience is the series of roadside signs that spell out a message, just like the old “Burma Shave” signs. At one point, the signs promoted recycling, but then got switched to a message encouraging residents to get new dump stickers.

But last weekend, the signs were covered, except for two near the end that still read GET YOURS TODAY! If I hadn’t known the signs were referring to dump stickers, I would have wondered just what they were offering at the transfer station. Maybe the special performance zone has been extended?

Jeff Rapsis is a newspaper publisher, educator and silent film accompanist who lives in Bedford. He can be reached at jeffrapsis@gmail.com.