Club wants scholarship applicants

The Bedford Women’s Club invites and welcomes graduating high school seniors who are Bedford residents, as well as Bedford women not of traditional age for school and enrolled in a post-secondary degree program, to make application for several Bedford Women’s Club scholarships to be awarded in the spring.

Please download the appropriate and complete 2014 scholarship application form found in the download section of the BWC website at

The BWC Scholarship Committee values well-written and crafted personal reflections, revealing applicant identity, voice and passion, sharing examples of life-shaping experiences, and describing values honored by applicants. An invested writer tends to have a unique way of putting words together, showing sensibility and a distinctive way of looking at the world, showing the writer’s voice.

“Who is the applicant?” is an important question asked by each member of the BWC Scholarship Committee throughout its process of discernment. What will a scholarship reader remember about you? Identity is more than name, more than academic achievements, more than athletic and/or employment accomplishments, more than community service, and more than leadership. What makes a particular applicant unique? What are the applicant’s skills, traits and/or gifts and talents? Applicants are encouraged to provide examples of how skills and/or gifts/talents are or have been used, to provide accurate and descriptive written evidence of accomplishments and passion, and to account for successes and failures.

What are an applicant’s goals? How will a college education or pursuit of a particular program of study help an applicant to accomplish future goals? Why does an applicant believe and understand that he/she will contribute and enhance a college campus community or an identified program of study?

Here are highlights of important areas of the BWC scholarship applications. First, and in the Student Statements section, high school senior applicants are asked to respond to one of four topics:

? What makes you a unique individual?

? Tell us of an experience you have had living in New Hampshire that you believe has influenced your outlook on your future and how you anticipate this experience will continue to affect you as you move on to the next stage of your life.

? Describe one of the greatest challenges of your life and how this challenge has affected your educational goals.

? What meaningful service activity have you participated in during high school, and how has this activity influenced your post-secondary school education goals?

Second, nontraditional student applicants are asked to provide a response to one broad statement: Describe who you are, your short- and long-term goals and how do you plan to use additional education. The four topics for high school seniors and the one broad statement for nontraditional students are included with detailed instructions on Page 1 of each BWC scholarship application form.

Today’s world of college admission offices and human resource officers in industry and other places of employment carefully consider what applicants for college admission or candidates for employment are doing “right now.” That is to say, what an individual is doing in recent and present time provides a clear indicator of their future potential. That consideration together with a well-developed personal reflection and accompanied by the required background and facts including transcripts, professional recommendations and personal references tailored to the BWC scholarship application moves the scholarship applicant forward in the process.

Please note: The Bedford Women’s Club looks forward to receiving completed 2014 BWC scholarship applications from Bedford residents with all required attachments and recommendations. Scholarship Applications and supporting documents must be received by the BWC corresponding secretary on or before April 1.

Bobbe Fairman is the co-chairwoman of the Bedford Women’s Club Scholarship Committee.