Bedford PTG rewards fundraisers with a roll in the dough

Some lucky students at Ross A. Lurgio Middle School enjoyed an opportunity in December to take part in Rolling in the Dough, a reward for their participation in Bedford PTG’s fall fundraiser, Gift Wrap and More, an almost district-wide event.

The opportunity at Ross A. Lurgio went out to the 120 student participants who sold gift wrap, chocolates, science kits, magazines and an assortment of frozen foods, including cakes, cookie dough and pies during the fall event.

More than 400 students participated in the fundraiser, which raised more than $12,000 for the PTG, a group comprised of parents and teachers who work together to enrich children’s educational experiences. The money is used to fund various programs related to artists, authors, science, math, anti-bullying and other projects.

The PTG funds more than $70,000 worth of programming each year for Bedford’s six schools. The top fundraising grades at Riddle Brook, Peter Woodbury and Memorial Schools later enjoyed a visit from Jetstream Jocelyn Dufor, of Mad Science, who on Dec. 13 used a variety of visual aids to teach kids about science and share with them some experiments that were fun and educational.

The Rolling in the Dough activity was held at the middle school during lunchtime, a period when all of the school’s 775 students were free to watch the action. The Rolling in the Dough was the reward in a drawing from a pool of 120 eligible contenders, participants whose names were drawn from a hat. Four finalists won the chance to don a big, plastic bag covered with double-sided tape and then roll around on the auditorium’s floor, a surface strewn with play money. Meadow Farms was thanked for donating a dollar for each of the 120 Lurgio students who participated. The PTG added $100 to the pot.

Eighth-grader Joshua Veneman came up the winner for he rolled vigorously during the allotted time of 15 seconds and adhered the most fake money to his plastic coverall. The play money was tallied and Joshua soon was awarded the amount, $47, in cash. His closest competitor was a fellow eighth-grader Emma Kneisol-Williams, and there was a pair of seventh-grade contestants, too.

Lurgio’s Principal Ed Joyce called the event a total success and congratulated the PTG and the students who helped raise such impressive funds during the Gift Wrap and More event.

“The Bedford PTG makes our school community richer on many levels,” Joyce said. “I am pleased that they experienced so much success with this fundraiser. They deserve it, as they are a very dedicated group of parents.”

For more information on the PTG activities district-wide or at Ross A. Lurgio Middle School, call the school at 310-9100.