Bedford youth create recycled art

The Bedford Parks and Recreation Department hosted its Recycled Holiday Art Contest on Dec. 11 at Bedford Town Hall. Jane O’Brien, Recreation Department manager, announced the winners and extended abundant congratulations to all the participants.

First-place winners with a tie in the age 5-7 division were artists Sarah Arbour, whose colorful entry was titled, “Mrs. Claus,” and Lianna Roberts with her entry, “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.”

First-place winner in the age 8-10 division was Wyatt Thompson Jr., with his entry, “Fire Truck with a Christmas Tree on Top.”

First-place winner in the age 11-13 division was Ethan Roberts who built his entry, “Gingerbread House,” out of a variety of recyclable materials.

Other contestants included Benny Kraemer with an intriguing snowman, Theo Kraemer with a holiday water boat and Claire Kraemer with a holiday stacking box. The trio was well praised for the forethought and planning that went into their creations. Nellie Munsterteiger constructed a family living room with a Christmas tree and Wade Thompson designed a candle stick. The pair was congratulated for attention to detail and use of color.

O’Brien also announced the winners of the department’s 2013 Holiday Coloring Contest and sent kudos to the winners: Benny Kraemer, Jillian Russell, Colby Boyd, Lianna Roberts, Whyatt Thompson Jr., and Riley Hudson. O’Brien extended the congratulations of the entire Recreation Department to all the boys and girls who participated.

Winner Sarah Arbour, 7, a second-grade student at Memorial School, commented on the recycled holiday art contest and the work that went into her entry, “Mrs. Claus.” She said she enjoys making crafts because it is a fun activity, one that expands her sense of creativity.

“I used a box for the body, paper towel rolls for the arms, Styrofoam for her feet and an old dog food box for her hat,” Sarah said. “I used these materials instead of wasting them and just throwing them away.”

Sarah said the project progressed as she tried various techniques. She made small changes with duct tape. She said that it took some practice to refine her design.

“When I first make a craft, I don’t know if I will like it, but I know that I, at least, have to try,” Sarah said. “When I practice, I get better and it gets easier each time.”

Sarah won a $5 gift card for Wal-Mart and an award ribbon accompanied by a certificate of appreciation for participating in the contest. She said that when she was younger, she often wished she could build things that people would like. She said she was happy that there was an age division in the contest that enabled her to compete for the prizes.

“I felt a little nervous, but when my name was called I got so excited,” Sarah said. “My mom took a picture of me and we sent it to our family.”

O’Brien said there are numerous activities throughout the year that engage youngsters and adults. She noted that some of the upcoming programs offered by Bedford’s Parks and Recreation Department relate to art, fitness, meditation, science, oil painting, yoga, dance and other interests. An American Red Cross babysitting class begins in January, as do other programs.

For more information on the recycled holiday art contest, the holiday coloring contest or other Bedford Parks and Recreation Department programs, call 472-5242 or visit